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Wheels of Change Teens
Coming Early May 2024.

What happens when a guy with no skills buys a cheap car online, fixes. ..at least attempts to fix it and take it on a 800+mile 7 Day Road Trip throughout Florida doing 7 Charitable acts in 7 Days with 7 Incredible Foundations. To say thank you to these Amazing Foundations we will take them on a thrilling Gas Powered experience of a lifetime. 

Want to watch the Fun Unfold from a Kids Point of View, Watch Wheels of Change KIDS. We bring a 16 Year Old with us on this Automotive Adventure, His Camera, He Conducts His Own Interviews, His Time In A Race Car! 

Filming April 12th-18th. Follow Wheels of Change @thesewheelschange join us on the road as we say Thank You to some Amazing Foundations for positively impacting our communities.

Our Partners

The F.A.S.T Alliance

If You Would Like To Support Our New YouTube Series Wheels of Change and Wheels of Change Kids Please Donate

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